PC stinks

This is in response to the April 1, 1992 letter of Elaine Sofferman. All that I can say is “three cheers for Dave Wambold”: he has the courage and strength to stand up for his First Amendment rights to freely express himself. He dares to say “the emperor has no clothes.” The American way is majority rules and minority rights, but the minority does not have the authority to rule over the majority. Mr. Wambold was protecting the First Amendment rights of everyone, including Sofferman, to freely speak as they wish.

In my view, political correctness stinks. I believe that it is a thinly-disguised attempt to indoctrinate the coming generations into a theory and dogma that cannot be furthered today through peaceful and democratic persuasion. The ultra-liberal political agenda is constantly being turned back in the federal courts by judges applying the law rather than distorting it to further their own agenda; its thumping corner in the U.S. Congress is held in line by presidential vetos and by congressmen who will not allow such travesties to make a mockery of this nation. So where do the political correctors turn to further their agenda? They infiltrate schools and universities and force their beliefs on students under the banner of “enlightenment.” I refuse to bow to these neo-Stalinist thought police tactics and social engineering. If someone wishes not to speak in that text, that is his choice and no one has the right to force him to speak that way and/or label him as racist, sexist or insensitive.

In ending, I do not know what time warp Sofferman just stepped out of, but women do not get paid less than men for the same job, there are laws against that. If a woman starts a job at the same time as a man, doing the same job description, she must be paid the same wage as that man. That is the law! Any pay discrepancies that exist between men and women are solely based on the different starting dates when the women begins working, but is in no way due to intentional pay discrimination on the part of employers.

And another little piece of history: In 1990 seven women ran for the U.S. Senate, including one from the state of Illinois, and not one was elected. I do not believe that this was from discrimination but because of the use of one man, one vote, majority wins.

Paul G. Vargas