Same story

I can’t believe it! Eric Krol has finally written something that makes sense. This letter is in response to his editorial on Tuesday, Mar. 31. I am also sick and tired of hearing about how the Star is racist, biased and unfair.

First, I’d like to vote for my own oxymoron of the week. The fliers on the buses that read “Black votes = Black progress”—WHAT THE HECK IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN? Who’s racist? I’d also like to present the question of what would happen if fliers were posted reading “White votes = White progress”??? Black progress, white progress, whatever happened to student progress?

Thanks to Mr. Krol, we all have vast knowledge of what is wrong with this university. It is apparent that student progress does need to be made and with unity, it will. Not by going out and destroying the written word. What did that accomplish? The Star only had to waste more precious resources the next day to provide a copy-insert of Friday’s news.

In all, I urge all NIU students to pull together and strive to make this a better place for an education. This should be done by trying to prevent stabbings after aftersets, not using a reputable newspaper as a scapegoat for problems that it hasn’t caused—just reported.

John Ouradnik


Corporate Communications