Top 3 NBA headlines for Oct. 22


AP Photo | Matt Slocum

Brooklyn Nets’ Kevin Durant plays during a preseason NBA basketball game, Monday, Oct. 11, 2021, in Philadelphia.

Carlos Finney Jr., Sports Reporter

Lakers need everyone to accept their role to succeed

The Lakers kicked off their season opening night against the shorthanded Golden State Warriors and  lost 121-114. While Lebron James and Anthony Davis had a great game, with Lebron putting up 34 points, 5 assists, and 11 rebounds. Anthony Davis  put up similar numbers with 33 points, 2 assists, and 11 rebounds. The rest of the team  struggled with no one else scoring double digits. Their big acquisition in Russell Westbrook had a tough time finding his rhythm, putting up just eight points and finishing with -23 plus minus.

The Lakers had seven players finish with a negative plus minus, and struggles were expected with having 11 new players on the team. The question now is will everyone eventually find their role, or was just a glimpse of what the season will be like for the Lakers for the entire season. 

The Nets have a lot to overcome with Kyrie out for the time being

It was a rough opening night for the Brooklyn Nets against the defending champion Milwaukee Bucks as the Nets lost in a blowout 127-104. Having Kevin Durant and James Harden do as best they could to hide the void Kyrie leaves on the team, but it was obvious without him, there is a giant hole on their team. Not having their big three makes them as a team look far from complete with the lack of bench support and defense they have. It is going to take a lot from Kevin Durant and James Harden to take this team to the finals like they hope to do. 

Ben Simmons must be traded, or things will only get worse not better

Ben Simmons and the Philadelphia 76ers have been dysfunctional ever since their disappointing exit in the eastern conference semifinals last season. A lot of the blame was pointed in Simmons’ direction because of his poor performance that series. Simmons felt the organization did not stand by him and threw him under the bus. Since that time, he has requested a trade. The 76ers, though, have not been able to find a trade partner.

This has led  Simmons to come back to the 76ers this season. Where both sides clearly have a distaste for one another as Simmons was just suspended for the 76ers first game for conduct detrimental to the team. If this goes on for much longer, it will only disrupt the season the 76ers wish to have and will continue to be a distraction. For both sides to succeed, a trade needs to happen immediately.