Alumni Association to tour the Netherlands

By R. Scott Lohman

Students and alumni who are interested in traveling to another country can attend a trip this summer with the NIU Alumni Association.

“How could you resist a country whose most famous products include chocolates, flowers, and diamonds?” said Dimitri Liakos, art department chairman.

The country is the Netherlands, and it’s one of the places which Liakos and members of the Alumni Association will visit. Liakos will lead the tour.

The trip will take place between July 30 and Aug. 10. Alumni will stay in two exclusive hotels during the trip; one in Amsterdam, the other in Maastricht, Liakos said.

The cost of the trip is $2,375 for contributing members and spouses, and $2,500 for non-alumni members and friends.

Liakos said the trip is an “excellent value” for the money because travelers will see a lot. “We have virtually a deluxe tour for far less than you would pay elsewhere,” he said.

In addition to the Netherlands, the group will travel to Liege, Belgium and Aachen, Germany to “experience art,” Liakos said.

“We will see a lot of things for a fairly reasonable price,” said Sue Lund, Alumni Association executive director.

Lund added that the Netherlands was chosen as the place to travel to because people might have overlooked this spot.

Students will not earn credit for attending the trip, but Lund said that undergraduates are welcome, and they can try to get independent study credits with permission from Liakos.

“I strongly believe they (the travelers) will receive a deeper appreciation and understanding of another world,” Liakos said.

Lund added that the trip is also “open to those not connected with NIU.”

Anyone interested can contact the Alumni Programming Office for more information.