DeKalb Park District offers new programs

By Donald Roth Jr.

As spring leaps into full swing, the DeKalb Park District is following suit and offering a variety of new programs for residents.

The DeKalb Park District began offering spring programs during icy February but spaces them out so they are available throughout the spring months.

“The park district will be offering fitness classes and adult golf workshops in the upcoming weeks. There will also be private golf lessons offered,” DeKalb Park District Program Director Gloria Oesterling said.

The adult golf workshops begin May 13 and May 18 and will include instruction in all aspects of the golf game, she said. The class is open to those 18 years old and above.

Thirty minute private golf lessons taught by local golf pro Pam Tyska are also available at either Buena Vista or River Heights Golf Course.

In addition to golf programs, the park district’s spring session “C” runs from May 11 to June 6. It includes numerous health and wellness classes.

A class in total body training will be offered which will help those interested in maintaining a fit physique, she said.

New moms will also have an opportunity to get back into shape with a class modeled toward their special needs. The “after-the-baby” class will feature exercises designed to target the problem areas for new moms, she said.

Oesterling said in addition to these classes, the park district offers fitness classes targeted toward both beginners and established athletes.

“The park district will release its Summer ‘92 program offering sometime in the beginning of May,” she said.

For further information relating to fees and dates call the park district at 758-6663.