Fight Cancer

The DeKalb County Unit of American Cancer Society would like to thank the Zeta Sigma Chi Sorority for enlisting 15 local food establishments to participate in “The Great American Food Fight Against Cancer,” which began March 19, 1992.

The 15 establishments are using “Join the Fight” placemats, posters and tray liners provided by the American Cancer Society. Sorority members also distributed pamphlets and stickers on the Northern Illinois University campus that day.

A special thanks goes to sorority member Laura Murillo, who secured the participation of the following DeKalb businesses: Cherished Memories, Rosati’s Pizza, Bev’s Cafe, Bea’s Wok ‘n Roll, Nikc’s Sandwiches, White Hen Pantry, Sports ‘n Grill, Tom & Jerry’s, Wendy’s, Around the Clock, McDonald’s (at East Lincoln Highway and the tollway oasis), Baron Restaurant and Pancake House, Hunan House and Ponzarotti Plus.

The aim of “The Great American Food Fight Against Cancer” is to spread the word that diet and nutrition play important roles in cancer prevention.

We hope everyone joins the fight.

Peter Thomas Smith

President, DeKalb County Unit

American Cancer Society