Student members needed

NIU administrators should feel obligated and not complain about having students on the college’s council reinstatement committees.

Students are what NIU is all about. Without them, the university ceases to exist.

Who better to make a choice about reentering students than students? They already know how classes work and probably could make a good decision about whether someone is justified to come back to NIU.

The reasons against students not being allowed on the committee are sketchy at best.

College of Liberals Arts and Sciences Dean James Norris said since students are not here in the summer when the committees meet, there could be delays.

There is no reason why students who want to be on the committee could not come back for the meetings. As long as they know they will have to attend summer meetings when they are chosen, there should be no problem. Besides, there are students who live in DeKalb all year.

Also, it is not feasible to say students should not be able to view other students’ records. Student Association President Preston Came had a good point when he said that students have served on other committees in which students’ records have been observed, according to NIU Legal Counsel George Shur.

Because committees will be making decisions about a student’s future only intensifies the need for other students’ opinions.

University Council should wake up and see the need for students on any committee that has to do with their future at NIU.