Display annoys

While walking through the Holmes Student Center, I was dismayed to find three full jars of assorted condoms and birth control literature on one of the desks in the building. I was shocked by this spectacle. To know that my student fees and my tax dollars are being used to subsidize these filthy items makes me sick! As a devout Jew, I abhor premarital sex; therefore, I believe my money (and yes it’s my money) is allowing unwed couples to engage in sexual activity. This is a slap-in-the-face to my religion and personal values. If people want condoms, they should go out and pay for them themselves.

I feel the need to mention to those compelled to use condoms that they are not 100 percent safe. In today’s society, where STDs are running wild among college students, no one should be having sex with anybody but their wives anyway. Is a few minutes of cheap thrills worth the risk of getting AIDS? I think not. For those whose brains are in between their legs, I would suggest to you, “Do onto yourself what you would otherwise do to others.” The key is restraint. I for one, am proud to be a virgin. I wish others wouldn’t mark manhood or womanhood by sexual experience. I know there are others out there who feel as I do. To them, I suggest that we band together and let the administration know how we feel! Viva abstinence!

Rickey Nesbitt