Simple observation

I’m just a regular guy who does regular guy things. The other night I was in a typical haunt, Lukulo’s Restaurant, at the typical hour of 3 a.m., just getting the same old chili cheese fries. However, I don’t feel what transpired was in any manner usual. Two young fellows were hurling slurs at several other young fellows. Racial slurs, which I consider to be most repulsive. It seems to me that any reasonable person would be seriously upset by a blow to one’s heritage and ancestry, as was the case. Why then do we continue to strike out at our equals?

A solution is to do as the slurees did and ignore the slurers. What I learned long ago in nursery school in the small Maine town, (where, to my chagrin, I had become the king bully) seems to spell it out. You all know it. That old saying about “Sticks and Stones.” If all of us would just remember when things were simpler, when our computer didn’t eat a just finished paper and our transmission didn’t drop, the world would be a much better place.

Those fellows whose pride was hurt the other morning at Lukulo’s have earned my respect. If everyone would follow suit, urbanity would rule the day. Incidents like this that get out of hand are becoming just a bit too usual for my comfort. Just a little observation from a regular guy, doing regular guy things.

Dana Burr Valleau

Law Student