Archaic beliefs

I am writing to respond to Rickey Nesbitt’s letter written in the April 8 issue of The Northern Star.

I applaud you for your beliefs; not many people even consider abstinence until marriage anymore, and I do hope there are many more like you, in that sense. But I do find your views on the free distribution of condoms and educational literature both archaic and absurd.

The majority of people today do not wait until they are married to engage in sexual activity, and free condoms do not allow unwed couples to have premarital sex.

To say that condoms and literature on birth control are “filthy items” is ridiculous! What is so sick about educating people to take care of their bodies and to accept responsibility for their actions.

Considering that the majority of people DO have sex before they are married, and since, as you said, “STDs are running wild among college students”, and regarding the fact that condoms do prevent the spread of STDs and most importantly AIDS, is it not wise to have condoms out for the public use. Maybe you don’t use them, but if they are there, maybe the majority will.

Ignorance does not change the way things are, you must educate people instead of expecting everyone to conform to your beliefs.

I do hope that whomever you choose as a spouse has the same views that you do—both now and in the past—because someday you may wish he or she had used one of those free condoms displayed in the Holmes Student Center.

Christie Smaidris