Millionaire to address students’ marketability

By Dave Heaton

Tonight NIU students can attend a presentation given by a self-made millionaire on entrepreneurship in the job market.

Laura Pedersen, the youngest person in stock market history ever to get a seat and who became a millionaire by age 22, will speak to students on entrepreneurship tonight at 8 p.m. in the Capital Room of the Holmes Student Center.

Mike Roberts, speakers coordinator for the Campus Activities Board, said Pedersen’s positive attitude makes her approachable.

“Laura Pedersen was chosen to speak at NIU because she is a person who made lots of money doing what she loves.”

She will speak to students about how people can make money doing what they like if they properly market themselves, Roberts said. “If any student figures out what they really like to do, they can get a job that is both enjoyable and profitable,” Roberts said.

He said Pedersen started at the American Stock Exchange at age 18 and retired from trading when she was 22. Pedersen loved trading, Roberts said, but she retired from it because it was essentially killing her.

Roberts said he hopes for a good turnout, especially among graduating seniors, because Pedersen’s charisma will ease the worries of students who are uneasy about the slow job market.