End column

This letter is in response to a columnist that I feel does not contribute in any way to the quality of the Star. Miss Jayna Ronayne must be terminated. Ever since her first column in which she stated how disappointed she was that NIU was not one big party to cater to her needs, she has not ceased to irritate me with more of her “opinions.” True, the column is supposed to be entirely her opinion and does not reflect in any way the attitude of the Star but please—it sounds as if Miss Ronayne is using her column as her own personal diary.

I am personally tired of hearing about which childhood toy she misses, how much she misses high school, and personal things about her life. If she wants to tell us where on her body her tattoos are, maybe she should put an ad in the DeKalb Night Weekly instead of in an opinion column.

Maybe if Miss Ronayne would concentrate on what most people go to college for, an education, she wouldn’t be lonely enough to tell her life story to the student body. So please, do the right thing and give Miss Jayna Ronayne her walking papers and give the students someone who actually has an opinion on something and sticks with it. Thank you.

Jim McMillen