Restaurant needs ideal locale

Mike “KoKo” Hrovat, the developer who wants to put a new restaurant near the railroad tracks on Annie Glidden Road, should give in to city resistance and open up elsewhere.

Hrovat’s idea to open a new restaurant in DeKalb is a good one. College towns never can have enough places to eat. However, his plans for a location aren’t as smart.

If KoKo’s opens where Hrovat wants it to, there won’t be ample parking, nor is there a good place to turn. It’s close to the fairly dangerous railroad tracks and it’s a long way from campus.

What Hrovat should do—rather than paying the city $10,000 for the location he wants—is to move somewhere on West Lincoln Highway. His restaurant will be far closer to the residence halls and the apartment complexes, where the customers are.

There’s a lot of room down Lincoln Highway west of Annie Glidden Road, and Hrovat should take advantage of it. His restaurant would attract a lot more customers if it were nestled among the other eating places, rather than sitting by itself down south.

Mr. Hrovat, please realize that too many NIU students don’t realize life exists south of Lincoln Highway and probably won’t come out that far for food. Placing your restaurant on the highway will bring you a lot more money and customers—and you’ll avoid the 10-grand payment to the city.

Find a home on Lincoln Highway. It’ll be good to you.