Star missed

On the morning of March 27 I awoke at my usual 7:00 a.m. to shower and to get an early start on breakfast, as I usually do. When I reached the Star bin, however, a hand-scrawled note informed me that if I wanted my daily Star, I would have to be present at the MLK Commons at 12:00 noon. What gives?

I inquired at the front desk as to the whereabouts of my beloved Star, and the staff person informed me that the only paper dropped off that morning was the one at the front desk.

After calling the Star office, I was told that the Star office knew nothing of the matter and my best bet was to go to the Commons at noon to find my answer.

Well now my interest was peaked so I had to go and seek out the paper on my own. Nothing like a good mystery first thing in the morning to get your blood pumping!

Well the search was on! I went to each residence hall lobby to check, and at each bin the same note was posted. Clearly no papers were around. Then I remembered seeing our great paper in a certain convenience store close to campus (no need for free advertising now, is there). So I sauntered in and found what I was looking for, my beloved Star with all the news a student could hope for in a paper. Case solved.

Sean M. Monahan