CCE proposes budget cut

By Brian Slupski

The College of Continuing Education proposed a $78,450 reduction in its general revenue budget Tuesday to the Academic Resource Advisory Committee.

The committee has asked all colleges on campus to identify reductions in programs and activities totaling 5 percent of its fiscal year 1992 budget. The committee intends to generate $3.8 million for reallocation to programs that colleges want to develop or enhance.

Nancy Vedral, dean of the College of Continuing Education, said her college is in the process of decentralizing.

Vedral presented figures for the 5 percent reduction, which she said might not be accurate because of decentralization, which will shift funds and personnel out of her college.

The decentralization will shift the responsibility of developing programs to the colleges themselves.

The College of Continuing Education will retain and maintain

itself as a central support unit handling such responsibilities as marketing the programs.

Part of the 5 percent reductions will come directly out of salary lines of the Illinois Council on Economic Education, the RE/Ace office and the Lindeman Center.

The college will generate the majority of the 5 percent by staff reductions through attrition and corresponding savings of costs such as telephone expenses, general supplies and a reduction in automotive funds.

The rest of the money will come from agreements made with colleges to encourage off-campus work. Vedral said the specific agreements were made by a previous administration and have expired. The savings from this will be $23,000.