Hall council to vote on cafeteria policy

By Matt Michalek

Students living in the residence halls just might be able to have their ice cream and eat it too.

At next Monday’s Grant South Hall Council meeting, it will be decided whether or not Grant South will continue to allow students to take food out of the cafeteria.

The privilege of taking food out of the cafeteria was started at the beginning of the spring semester. It was intended to allow students to take one piece of food that they were eating with them when they left the cafeteria.

Some students abused this privilege by leaving the food in the lobbies, elevators, hallways, and elevators, creating health and safety hazards, as well as a large mess.

In March, Grant South Hall Director Rose Ann Fazio posted a memorandum on the topic and instituted a trial period. During this trial period, the hall was monitored for cleanliness.

The trial period ended the week after Spring Break, and now the Grant South Hall Council will make the decision whether or not to continue the privilege.

“The hall looks a lot better,” Fazio said. “There have been a few isolated incidents, but the students have worked hard to make it work.”

The decision to whether or not to continue the privilege could have been made by the Grant South staff alone, but it was decided to let the Grant South Hall Council make the decision, Fazio said.

“We didn’t want to make the decision without the students, it really is their privilege,” she said.

Grant Hall Food Service Unit Manager Beth Smalley said, “Hopefully the students have realized that this is their home, and that they have to keep it clean.”

“Overall there has been a big improvement,” Fazio said. “It is looking real positive, there has been a conscious effort to improve.”

The decision on whether or not to maintain the privilege will be made at the Grant South Hall Council meeting next Monday night in the B-formal lounge in Grant South.

If Grant South decides to remove the privilege, all other halls may or may not also have to remove the privilege.