Column puzzles

Once again Eric Krol has allowed anti-Christian bias to ruin what is normally a fairly well-written column.

How can Eric state that people biased against homosexuals are “ignoramuses and ill-informed types” when he himself is biased against Christianity? Statements like “religion is for people who can’t deal with this life” and specifically targeting Christianity as that religion show a large anti-Christian bias. He must be an ignoramus to not show respect for the beliefs of Christians, and yet to urge tolerance for homosexuals! I always thought that to end the discrimination discussed in his column we must show tolerance first. Well, I must be mistaken!

Also, the statement “God doesn’t allow homosexuals” is puzzling. God doesn’t allow homosexuals what? It can’t be life, because despite all circumstances, homosexuals are alive. It can’t be forgiveness, because that is a free gift God offers all who are willing to accept. It isn’t admittance to the university or even parking spaces (provided they have the money to get one first). Please be more specific next time. A different thing needs to be said to those who think because they are discriminated against they can steal the Northern Star. I happen to be a woman in this society. As such, I have experienced discrimination. Does that give me the right to steal your property that you have paid for, even in protest (e.g. a new CD)? Not! It is yours, and I know and respect that. Please in the future respect my property … as I do yours.

Rachel Becknell