Novel idea

Now I have heard everything! First it’s Gay/Lesbian Awareness Week and Jeans Day; now it’s “Clothing Day.” I guess the idea is if you are in support of “human rights” you should wear clothing.

What a novel idea. Why don’t you just have a “Breathing Air Day,” then even when people are taking their showers in the morning, they can show their support.

I’ve never heard of something so ridiculous in all of my life. I guess the GLU will stop at nothing to pretend they have some support on campus. I have a question for the GLU. Don’t you mean “wear clothing to show support for GAY RIGHTS?”

Heterosexuals don’t need a day like this, we already have the right you speak of. The group being discriminated against is yours, so I think what you really mean is “support gay rights.”

There’s no harm in wanting that; why don’t you just come out and say it. People would be more supportive if you were honest with them.

Discrimination against homosexuals is not going to disappear by changing “Jeans Day” to “Clothing Day.” All you are doing is ignoring the problem and the only people you are fooling are those in your organization.

Support for gay rights won’t come instantly, so don’t cram the concept down our throats. It won’t force anyone to change their mind, they’ll just end up hating you more.

Adam Drendel


Computer Science