NIU campus a better choice

Hats off to the NIU administration for saving a reception for prospective minority students from the budget ax.

The third-annual minority reception for students will be held at the Blackhawk Cafeteria this year. The reception was originally held in Chicago, but due to budget constraints, NIU will host the event this year on campus.

This benefits students in two ways. First, the administration is saying they are concerned with the budget crisis by holding the reception at the Blackhawk cafeteria. It is much more economical to hold the reception at NIU because of the cheaper cost. When the reception was held in Chicago, it was more expensive to cater.

Second, potential NIU students will be able to see the campus while they are here for the reception. Although it might be harder for students to get to NIU, the administration is trying to make it as easy as possible by providing buses from Chicago.

Also, parents will be able to view the campus and see what they might be getting in return for their money.

The move represents another step by the administration to bolster minority recruitment.

While this is a step in the right direction, the administration also must not forget about the students once they reach campus. Efforts should be continued to help increase the minority retention rates which are still relatively low.