Fashion show to display cultural diversity

By Dashaun C. Hits

Students can catch a glimpse of some multi-cultural fashions today at the first Multi-Cultural Fashion Fair.

The show is free and begins at 9 p.m. in the lower level of Stevenson North Tower.

The idea of a Multi-Cultural Fashion Show was created by RACE, Recognizable Advancements In Cultural Equality.

ACE was founded in 1990 by LaVerne Dadley and Cathy Nicholson, who will serve as show sponsors and choreographers.

Dadley said they started the organization to “think of ways to bring unity to the campus.”

Dadley and Nicholson searched the campus for people of all races who were willing to model garments of their ethnic background.

The show consists of 18-19 models of different races who will model their own clothing and choose their own music to model to, according to their personal preferences.

Although it is a fashion show, there also will be a dance performance by Dance Chaquate, a Latino dance group.

Dadley said he had four major motives for putting on the fashion show.

“First, to provide a new and different form of entertainment for NIU students, second, to give people a look at the diversity of students attending NIU and third, to let people know the diversity of people on campus are not all the same.”

He also said he wanted “to give the students participating in the fashion show an opportunity to represent their ethnic background in a positive light.”