New motion passed to keep two geese at NIU

By Michael McCulloh

The University Campus Environmental Committee has modified its original plan to rid the campus of its domesticated geese and has passed a new motion to let a pair remain.

Rosemary Lane, director of University Health Services, suggested that NIU keep only a pair of geese and remove all the other ones.

“Parents with kids would like to see what geese look like,” Lane said.

Rachel Vellenga, environmental committee member, said “most people are against any removal.”

At the Feb. 21 meeting, James Grosklags, assistant chairman of the biological sciences department, made a motion to remove the geese because they leave too many droppings and were ruining the grass. Other committee members also expressed concern that the geese were intimidating people.

James Harder, chairman of the environmental committee, said the issue was raised again because there were a number of petitions generated and the issue has raised a great deal of controversy.

“I didn’t ask the Physical Plant to take action because I wanted to ask the committee if they should revisit the project,” Harder said.

Harder added that geese are very protective of their eggs. There was one report of a visually-impaired student being attacked by the geese for this reason.

Patty Perkins, assistant for Finance and Planning, said there were more serious issues to be concerned with than the geese.

“I really don’t think these geese are endangering anyone’s lives. Worms coming out of the rain are grosser than geese doohickey,” Perkins said.

Committee member Ted Manning said there was a concern that students’ voices weren’t being heard.

Mike Starzec, sitting in for Preston Came, agreed. “Mr. Nixon (also) made some type of silent majority argument. We’re not going to solve any problems,” he said.

Don Davidson, geology chairman, suggested that in addition to Lane’s amendment, some funding should be put forward for ecology tests and to see if it’s possible to introduce the geese into the west lagoon.

Lane accepted Davidson’s comments as a friendly amendment and the motion passed with Starzec, Vellenga and Grosklags opposing the action.