Apology due

The author of your April 7, 1992, editorial entitled “Look up at the sky, Harder” should have read Matt Michalek’s front page story before unfairly criticizing Vice President James Harder for his statement that one piece of falling debris at the Holmes Student Center was “nothing to be unduly concerned about.” Dr. Harder was chided for not seeming to care.

Mr. Michalek reported that, upon learning of the fallen piece of limestone, Dr. Harder and Project Manager Conrad Miller immediately engaged the expert services of an engineering firm to analyze the problem. Michalek accurately reported that the preliminary report from Hansen Engineering was that “this is an isolated case.”

So, it appears that the administration and Dr. Harder do care and did act promptly and responsibly to ascertain the possible danger and to receive assurances that no one was in peril. Indeed, there was and is “nothing to be unduly concerned about.” Why is the Star editorial board blaming an administrator for making a factual comment? And why, in the face of the facts, does the editorial hint that an unsafe condition presently exists? What evidence does the Star possess which leads it to conclude that “at NIU, safety gets thrown out the window.”

Fair is fair. Your editorial flies in the face of the facts reported in your own front page article. An apology is due.

George M. Shur

Supportive Professional Staff