Same rights

This letter is open to all of the people that have the same hypocritical views as Tony Nowabieliski. Just in case you didn’t notice, the minorities on this campus did express their freedom of speech two weeks ago. I am sorry that you were denied this so_called spectacular paper on Friday, but did you forget that we, the minorities, are also fee-paying students who should voice opinions about this newspaper, whether it’s in good standing or not. I am sick and tired of people like you trying to put negative labels on minorities, who, in turn, feel they aren’t being treated fairly. No one would pay attention when they tried to take the calm approach, so when they tried action you tried to knock them down. You cannot be on that high horse of yours for the rest of your life. It’s bad enough that the majority (in other words, whites) do not want to recognize the blacks on this campus, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to let you put us down.

Now I’m sure that The Northern Star has provided plenty of articles, displayed a huge amount of advertisements and the comic strips might appear to be funny once in awhile, but I feel that some of the space should go to the minorities. Face it or not we have positive things going on in our lives also. The only way that we hear about the positive things going on around campus is by word-of-mouth and not The Northern Star. So my pal Tony (yeah right), in the near future if the black clubs, greek organizations, social groups or political beliefs are portrayed in the positive light please try not to explode. Trust me you will get over it.

Sharon Wilson