Bagby hopes to represent constituency

By Paul Kirk

Despite the verbal blows taken by Tim Bagby this election, he isn’t worried about his reelection bid.

Bagby, R-District 7, said he doesn’t feel threatened by the new wave of Democratic student challengers.

“I think it’s important that any student who runs for county board must be able to represent all parts of his constituency. I’ve always had a good rapport with students and DeKalb residents,” he said.

Bagby said he believes that as a county board member in District 7, he must represent both sides.

This was said in response to an allegation made by Democratic challenger Mary Sindelar that Bagby and Margaret Phillips, the two incumbents for District 7, were not in touch with student concerns.

Bagby said the board really has nothing to do with NIU financially as Sindelar had hinted toward, but that occasionally issues arise on the board which indirectly affect students.

DeKalb County needs to work more closely with its number one employer, NIU, Bagby said. There is not much the board can do to lower tuition or fund building construction, he said.

“The county must find more creative ways to attract business. We need to work more closely with NIU to attract white collar business to the area,” he said.

Bagby, 27, is currently a graduate assistant for the Neptune residence halls.

He received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from NIU in political science, and currently is working toward a doctoral degree. He plans to finish his doctorate work and move on to teaching and research.