Pappas Developments receives green light from city council

61 fully furnished units coming to Barber Greene Road


Elisa Reamer

From left to right: Alderperson Barb Larson, Alderperson Carolyn Morris, Alderperson Greg Perkins, Alderperson Tracy Smith, Mayor Cohen Barnes, Alderperson Scott McAdams

DeKALB DeKalb City Council passed an ordinance 6-0 on first reading at its meeting Monday to annex .68 acres of land along Barber Greene Road that was outside of corporate city limits. The land will join 1.8 acres that are already within city limits and will be used to build an apartment complex. 

“This development will include 61 one-bedroom fully furnished apartment units with 12-month leases,” City Manager Bill Nicklas said. “The units are fully furnished, about 700 square feet and estimated monthly rent is about $1,350. The amenities are a hotel-style lobby, hospitality rooms in the center and EV (electric vehicle) charging stations.” 

There is an existing sanitary sewer that will be relocated as it runs through the property currently, sidewalks will be constructed on Barber Greene Road that will connect to existing ones and stormwater retention will be incorporated, Nicklas said. 

“There are three points of access to this particular subject site,” Nicklas said. “There’s a right in, right out of the Barber Greene Road. There’s a full access point to the County Farm road, which is a city street. There’s a third access point to the north and by the Northwest, which is a private lane that is an access road for the Northwest Plaza Shopping Center. The owner of this lot will have the opportunity to enjoy the license that was provided for that third access point back in 2004.”

Nicklas said this complex will appeal to all ages ranging from those who are employed to retirees. 

“I just want to say that I think this is an extremely efficient use of the space,” First Ward Alderperson Carolyn Morris said. “I’m thrilled to see this proposal. Thrilled to see this piece of land put to new and exciting use. That very likely will revitalize the space and bring new energy there and bring new traffic there. I think it’s a really positive idea.”

There will be 92 parking spots, which fulfills the requirement of needing 1.5 spaces for every unit, according to the Jan. 24 City Council agenda

These will not be used for commercial use. 

Ordinance to allow home delivery of alcohol 

The City Council passed an ordinance 6-0 on first reading to incorporate a state law into DeKalb’s labor code to allow at-home delivery of alcohol. They also passed that mixed drinks can be delivered from a bar or restaurant as long as it is sealed. 

During the beginning stages of COVID, Illinois municipalities needed to figure out a way to keep businesses and bars open, Nicklas said. Because of this, the state of Illinois began to allow the delivery of alcohol to people’s homes. 

“We the liquor commissioner at the state level, and we at the local level with our home rule authority, agreed that there ought to be some home delivery of alcohol and was accomplished and continues today,” Nicklas said. “The state legislature decided to make that a permanent rather than a temporary ruler guide.”

The other part of the ordinance was to allow a growler from a pub or a margarita from a restaurant to be delivered. 

“There has to be some way so that an adult, police officer, anybody can know that was sealed at the source and can’t be reopened until it’s delivered,” Nicklas said.