Jamie Lynn Spears has no right to capitalize off of #FreeBritney

Giving an abuser a platform is not the feminism that Alex Cooper thinks it is.


Mike Maguire | Wikimedia Commons

A crowd of Britney Spears supporters hold up signs for the media in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

By Summer Fitzgerald

On Jan. 18, Jamie Lynn Spears had a sit-down with “Call Her Daddy” host Alexandra Cooper, or as her fanbase of young women would call her, “Father Cooper.” Giving Jamie Lynn the chance to speak on conservatorship abuse before Britney herself is a terrible, degrading move.

This interview follows a series of nationwide attention on Jamie Lynn due to her ongoing feud with older sister Britney Spears. For the entirety of Britney’s conservatorship, #FreeBritney supporters have criticized Jamie Lynn for being unsupportive of her sister’s desire to be free.

Throughout Britney’s conservatorship, she was abused financially, emotionally and had her rights taken away. She had drugs administered to her without consent and was unable to make decisions for her own life regarding children and marriage. Due to the long-standing #FreeBritney movement finally becoming mainstream in 2021, supporters and activists were able to help end her conservatorship and its abuse. However, Jamie Lynn clearly saw other opportunities and angles from this ending.

Cooper’s platform is problematic

“Call Her Daddy” is not new to controversy at all. Cooper disguises her podcast as female empowerment through toxic, unhealthy advice that accomplishes nothing but further degrades women. However, with 2.3 million Spotify followers, no one can deny that it has built up quite the audience.

It was initially a shock to see “Call Her Daddy” and Jamie Lynn Spears within the same bubble, but it also was not surprising. Cooper has also shown no record of ever supporting the #FreeBritney movement, even when it was trending.

Celebrities of all levels of fame showed their support for Britney when the movement first became mainstream. Why wasn’t Cooper doing the same? And more importantly, why wasn’t Jamie Lynn?

Not to mention, this podcast episode is Cooper’s first and only time ever addressing or contributing to the #FreeBritney movement in any way. Her choosing to contribute to the movement for the first time ever by platforming Jamie Lynn instead of Britney herself rightfully deserves criticism.

Britney deserves better

Britney has not fully shared her own story since coming free from her conservatorship, yet Jamie Lynn is capitalizing at her own sister’s expense. Less than a month after the pop star was freed, Jamie Lynn even released her own memoir about the experience. She’s currently on a tour promoting her book, which sparked emotional social media posts by Britney.

She has done nothing but capitalized off of Britney’s abuse and attempted to portray herself as a victim.

Britney was silenced all throughout her conservatorship and was under intense control, pressure and security for several years. Talking over and using someone’s trauma that has just now been set free from a situation like that is extremely disrespectful of Jamie Lynn. She should not have been given a platform to share her story before Britney.

Giving an abuser a platform is not the feminism that Alex Cooper thinks it is. It is distasteful, harmful and downright degrading to not just Britney but to all victims of abuse.