Breaking down Netflix’s weekly top 10


Madelaine Vikse

Netflix is a familiar app and platform for many people. The streaming service platform provides a weekly top 10, displaying popular titles currently out for users to chose from. (Madelaine Vikse | Northern Star)

Each week Netflix updates one of its newer features: a list of the top 10 most-watched TV shows and movies. Although this is only based on the number of accounts who have viewed each show, there is often a reason for their popularity. This week, instead of risking wasting your day on a bad show, you can read through these short descriptions of Netflix’s top 10 and decide for yourself if a show is worth your time. 

1. “Ozark”

This drama series takes the audience on a rollercoaster of emotions that continues to draw viewers back after the release of part one of its fourth season, released Jan. 21. A seemingly normal family moves from Chicago to the Ozarks to launder money for a drug lord. “Ozark” is a humorous, nail biting, action-packed show that is number one this week on Netflix’s top 10 list and without a doubt a binge-worthy TV series.

2. “Archive 81”

This horror fiction series is a brand new Netflix original that pulls viewers in early. A man’s seemingly innocent job to restore burnt tapes from a New York apartment building leads him to a series of twists and turns throughout the season. The show contains chilling moments full of suspense and turns viewers into detectives. “Archive 81” is a highly viewed psychological thriller that many have binged this week. 

3. “Too Hot to Handle”

If you need a break from the dating scene, log into Netflix and join the other 29 million Netflix subscribers watching this three-season reality series. Attractive singles stay in gorgeous locations and fight to survive celibacy for a chance to win $100,000. If you are interested in reality TV show competitions, check out “Too Hot to Handle” on Netflix this week. 

4. “The Royal Treatment”

This movie is Netflix’s version of a Hallmark movie that features ex Disney star Laura Murano as main character Izzy. Izzy is sent to a royal wedding where she royally ruins the bride-to-be’s marriage to her fiancé. This rom-com is one I personally could not even stand to watch the entire trailer, let alone the hour and thirty minutes it takes to inevitably end up with the all too predictable ending. Leave the at-home romantic comedy movies to Hallmark.

5. “Cheer”

This documentary Netflix series shows the ins and outs of what it takes to be a competitive college cheerleader in Texas. It may not be the most binge-worthy of all Netflix series, but if you enjoy watching hardcore athletes perform insanely challenging tricks that many could only dream of doing, this is 100% the show for you. Season two brought this docuseries right back to the top five on Netflix’s top 10 for good reason. 

6. “Cobra Kai”

This action fiction series rushed back to the top 10 after releasing their fourth season on Dec. 31. If you know anything about the ‘80s, you may have heard of the film “The Karate Kid.” This series is a fun and exciting spinoff of the film featuring two of the main characters from the iconic ‘80s classic. “Cobra Kai” is a great binge-worthy watch for all ages that reignited the flame in young viewers to want to be just like this new generation’s Danny LaRusso, played by Ralph Macchio and his on-screen daughter Sam, played by Mary Mouser. 

7. “CoComelon”

Babies and toddlers adore this baby sensory series, but if you are any other age the show grows old insanely fast. Not only is it extremely repetitive, but has been said to be over stimulating for young children. The concept is there, but with so many options for kids on Netflix alone, save yourself by not introducing your children to this TV series. 

8. “The Witcher”

This two season fantasy series has fascinated many viewers. One similar to the Game of Thrones series, this show can be hard to follow because of the depth of the plot and its characters. However, if you like action, magic, a fictional period piece or Henry Cavill, also known as Superman, this show will be easy for you to binge. 

9. “That Girl Lay Lay”

“That Girl Lay Lay” is an upbeat children’s comedy show that has been brought from Nickelodeon to Netflix. The main character, Sadie, befriends her phone avatar who suddenly comes to life, and with her best friend by her side, Sadie feels unstoppable. This show is a great influence to young teens and a fun watch for all ages. This show has potential to be binge-worthy depending on age and interests. 

10. “Munich-The Edge of War”

History buffs are drawn into this historical drama film that Netflix released at the very end of 2021. This movie is slow to start, yet does this to allow viewers to comprehend each of the characters and what their roles are throughout the movie. Based on a year before the start of WWII, Britain is desperate to avoid a second world war and sends the prime minister of England to Munich to gain Hitler’s trust before the inevitable war. As the title states, this is the edge of the war, so don’t go into this movie expecting battle and action packed scenes and instead prepare to learn a dramatized version of pre-war history.