Citizens protest Ridge Drive extension plan

By Donald R. Roth Jr.

Several angry DeKalb citizens expressed their concern about the proposed extension of Ridge Drive Monday at a special DeKalb City Council meeting.

At issue is the proposed extension of Ridge Drive, from where it currently terminates, to Annie Glidden Road, DeKalb Planning Director Mark Biernacki said.

Many citizens residing on Ridge Drive believe the extension will cause increased and unwanted traffic for their subdivisions.

Plans for a subdivision in the area will require Ridge Drive to be extended for adequate access, Biernacki said.

Before the extension can be done, several decisions have to be made by the city council.

Biernacki said the proposed extension of Ridge Drive to Annie Glidden Road is necessary for the transportation needs of the community to be met.

He said that not only are long-term transportation needs important, but also the impact of the increased traffic on the residents of Ridge Drive.

Another issue of importance is access to Annie Glidden Road from new development, Biernacki said.

He said that a possibility exists for a north-south street between Blackhawk Road and Annie Glidden Road to be built. This road would have controlled access.

The overall goal of these transportation improvements is to allow for alternative traffic routes to what currently exists, he said.

Biernacki said that alignment of Ridge Drive with the north driveway of Suburban Apartments also is of paramount importance.

While no consensus concerning the project was reached at Monday’s meeting, the city council said they would take the objections raised into consideration and make decisions at a later date.