Assailant faces strict punishment

By Jami Peterson

NIU Judicial Office members are pounding the pavement in search of the other two males who kicked and punched a judicial board member, while they prepare to strictly punish the identified defendant.

A judicial board member was punched and kicked during the “Fast Eddie” concert Saturday night by three black males, one of whom the board member voted in an appeals trial to have suspended from NIU.

NIU Judicial Office Director Larry Bolles said he has received some calls from students who believe they might have witnessed the crime, which he said occurred in the north stairway of the Holmes Student Center. However, the two males have not been identified.

The victim, who did not receive any medical treatment but was badly beaten, has filed a criminal complaint with the University Police and the Judicial Office, Bolles said.

“We would like to see the most strict sanctions be levied (against the defendant),” he said. The defendant might receive a penalty of expulsion and a banning from the university.

“I’m very distraught,” Bolles said. “We can’t and won’t tolerate this kind of behavior.”

Dan Chamberlain, also a member of the judicial board, said he believes the three males should receive the strictest penalties.

I think they should be nailed,” he said. “That (the crime) is ridiculous.”

Chamberlain said this is an “extraordinary” case, and he is not intimidated by the crime. “Most of the people found guilty realize they are guilty and take the punishment,” he said.

State’s Attorney Mike Coghlan said in a criminal court, an offender of this type of “bar fight” could be fined up to $1,000 and sent to jail for up to a year, depending on his prior criminal history.

“I think in a revenge beating of an individual in a position such as a judicial officer, the recommendations of punishment of the offender from the State Attorney’s office should be harsher,” Coghlan said.