Alternate view

I would like to offer an alternative viewpoint to the masses of people that oppose the removal of the NIU geese.

I would assume that the people who feel that the problem is not excessive have not been to the lagoon recently.

The geese have torn up the grass to a large extent. There are large areas of mud that used to be beautiful green grass. Is the grass any less worthy of saving than the trees that were removed not so long ago?

But the grass problem is minute compared to the incredible amount of goose droppings, and the problem is not in the area of Montgomery Hall as one student contended.

I would ask the people opposed to the removal of the geese when they last saw anyone sitting in the grass on the island in the east lagoon. I can assure you that it has been quite a while since anyone in their right mind has done so. The island is literally covered with poo.

Walking on the island is not a matter of carefully sidestepping an awkwardly placed turd. Your feet will never actually touch the grass.

If these geese are removed there will still be plenty of ducks around to keep the lagoon a lively place. The geese can be moved to a home where they are not such a destructive force, and the people who enjoy sitting in the grass on a sunny day will be able to do so with clear minds and calm stomachs.

Troy M. Fulton

NIU Alumnus