Spring break’s sun, fun on horizon

By Terri Sorrentino

Spring break is quickly approaching, and many NIU students are taking advantage of the time off from classes to enjoy a vacation.

NIU students said they are traveling all over the continent to bask in the sun and the fun that accompanies a spring break trip.

Campus Activities Board representative Tom Collins said this year CAB will be sponsoring a nine-day trip to Panama City, Fla.

“The trip will include such activities as snorkeling, windsurfing, and parasailing,” Collins said. “It is guaranteed by NIU and costs $139 for hotel only and $239 for hotel and bus transportation.”

Collins said six students have signed up for the trip so far. This is a sharp decline from 30 last year and full capacity of 43 in the previous years, he added.

The decline in the number of students purchasing the CAB-sponsored trip may be due to the rise of student representatives selling trips on campus, Collins said.

Junior Melinda Thomas began selling trips for two travel companies this year. Selling spring break trips can be profitable, she said. Thomas earns between $5 and $10 for every trip sold. “I’ve sold 15 trips so far and I haven’t been really aggressive about it,” Thomas said.

Thomas sells trips through Campus Beach Club to Cancun, Mexico, for $399. This price includes air fare and hotel accommodations. Thomas also sells trips to Daytona Beach through High Life Adventures. Prices for this start at $129 for hotel only, Thomas said.

Because the prices of these trips are expensive for students, many choose to drive rather than fly.

Junior marketing major Shelley Statdler said she is driving to Key West, Fla., because she would rather save money to spend while on spring break than pay for the flight.

Stadtler, who is traveling with 14 friends, said, “We plan to relax, kick back, enjoy some warm weather and good clean fun.”

Senior fine arts major Phil Sassano said he is skipping the spring break trip this year.

“I’m not going because I have had too many previous spring breaks charged to my credit cards,” Sassano said. “Last year I spent over $600 on spring break.”

Both Collins and Thomas said Cancun is the spring break hot spot this year. Even though traveling to Mexico is expensive, it doesn’t seem to be stopping students, Thomas said.

“Even in bad economic times, people will still put out the money for entertainment,” Collins said.

It isn’t too late to make spring break plans. The CAB office will be taking reservations until today at 753-1580.