Food mislabeled

I write to warn the university community about the mislabelling of food done in the Blackhawk Room at the student center. The food service usually has an entree labeled “Bite Rite” which is supposed to be a low fat, low cholesterol dish. However, at least half the time this label is totally inappropriate. That label has been applied to such foods as lasagnas loaded with cheese (very high in saturated fats), shrimp dishes (loaded with cholesterol), a grilled ham and cheese sandwich, chicken with the fatty skin still on it, various quiche dishes (extremely high in cholesterol), stir-fry beef dishes, etc.

About half the time some entree other than the “Bite Rite” one is lower in fats and cholesterols than the labeled one. My best guess of how this occurs is that the label is attached, not by the dietician who makes up the entrees, but by some food handler who decides to attach the label to what she/he thinks might taste good. This means one should never believe the labelling one sees. I routinely ignore their labelling and make up my own mind. I have discussed this with the dietician staff some months ago, but the mistakes seem to have gotten worse since there seems to be no coordination between the dieticians and the kitchen. Happy dining.

Joseph Harry