Students vote yes to apathy

NIU students might care about whether they’re passing a class, but they clearly aren’t concerned with politics.

Turnout in Tuesday’s Illinois primary elections was pathetic. In the 14th precinct, where off-campus students reside, only 25 voters turned out, while in the 12th precinct, in the Stevenson Towers area, 50 voters out of 459 registered went to the polls, making a total of 10.89 percent.

With such large numbers registered to vote failing to show up at the polls, the question must be asked why the heck they even registered if they aren’t going to bother to take advantage of the privilege.

Student Association elections are coming up and if students act half as pathetically, they might as well send the administration a note saying they don’t care what happens to them.

Students should surprise the administration and go out and be counted when SA elections come around.

If they don’t, then they shouldn’t complain about higher tuition, no money for classes and whatever else is “the administration’s fault.”