Organize money

After reading the editorial on Tuesday, Jan. 28 in The Northern Star, complete with a cartoon from Mr. Kuska, I began to realize how naive and underprivileged people can be. NIU doesn’t have to be involved in a “Catch 22” situation, they just need to designate and budget their money in a semi-organized way. The human race as a whole needs to sit down and really take a long look at who they are, what they have and can accomplish to make a difference in this world and what others, who may not have all the fortunalities you have, can also contribute to this world.

Okay, I understand NIU has allowed a statue to be built (estimated at $75,000) and new concrete for the commons area, but from what pot of gold is NIU’s classrooms’ accessibility for handicaps actually coming from? What I don’t understand is, where do you get off telling The Northern Star readers that because only a very small percentage of NIU is disabled that they will just have to deal with the situation and support everyone else’s wishes?

I for one think this situation is up to the Board of NIU and not a naive egghead like yourself, who is only out for what’s best for yourself. You never know, Mr. or Mrs. Disability could be your professor next year in the library parking lot (it’s handicapped accessible, isn’t it?).

Jennifer Gooze


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