Medical help?

I am writing in response to the letter sent in by Rosemary B. Lane, M.D. in last Thursday’s Northern Star. Ms. Lane inferred that the services provided by the NIU Health Service are far greater than any “old family doc” could ever provide. Due to what happened to me over a year ago, I am compelled to refute Ms. Lane’s accusations.

I, like many college students, came down with infectious mononucleosis in the midst of the first semester of my sophomore year. I could not figure out why I was feeling so sick, so I went to the Health Center for advice. After having a throat culture and my temperature taken, I was finally checked up by one of your “certified physicians.” Basically, all he did was verify the fact that my neck, spleen and liver were a “little swollen”. He sent me down the hall for a blood test and I was told to call back the next day. When I did call back, I was told that my blood test was negative for mono and that I should come back in a few days for another blood test. At this point, I was feeling so bad I went home immediately to my “not-so-old family doc” who, for your information, Ms. Lane, is in his thirties and an NIU alumnus. Through a routine examination and blood tests, he confirmed that I did have mono and related hepatitis just short of being hospitalized. My condition required complete bedrest.

If I had continued to attend classes (the usual prescription by your doctors, as indicated by your letter) the results would have been disastrous. I have my reservations about a health center that, in my opinion, does not measure up to the standards as indicated in Ms. Lane’s letter.

Stacey Ruderman


Political Science