NIU no place for childish pranks

When grade school behavior shows up in university settings, it’s easy to see why movies like “Animal House” are made. At that mythical college every fall, the trees are lined with toilet paper. Every spring, the toilets explode.

Here, the problem is worse.

NIU is falling victim to an immature prankster who keeps pulling the fire alarm in DuSable Hall. Three times this week, students have evacuated the building and stood in the cold. Three times this week, professors have lost valuable instruction time. Three times this week, the fire and police departments have responded for no reason.

It’s sad to see one person inconveniencing so many. How can one person be so inconsiderate? It must be no problem to casually pull the alarm and stroll away while hundreds of others grab their things and quickly exit the building.

Unfortunately, thoughts like the ones presented here sometimes breed more problems. If the person pulling the alarm sees that people are getting fed up and likes that, then the false alarms will continue. Or, maybe the person will realize the inconvenience caused and stop.

But it’s hard to know anything about someone anonymous, though. Chances are this person will never be caught and can roam free to pull more alarms. The identity will always be a mystery except to one person—the prankster.

If you’re reading, prankster, realize this: Your actions are as immature as those of children who throw food and call names. If you enjoy what you’re doing, this college is no place for you. Grow up or ship out.