Official persists in logo dispute

By Megan Knowles

One NIU official said he plans to continue his fight to take the Huskie logo off of the six new Huskie buses.

NIU Transportation Manager William Finucane did not reveal specific plans but said he will continue efforts to get the logos removed from the buses.

The Student Association Mass Transit Board passed a resolution Monday stating the board remains committed to maintaining the display of the logo.

Finucane said he is not concerned with the NIU name being on the buses, only the Huskie logo. He said the logo is for university use only. The Huskie Line is a privately-owned company and has no right to the logo, he added.

“It makes them appear as a university vehicle when they are not,” he said.

SA Mass Transit Adviser Pat Sanchez has said he went through all of the proper university channels and received permission to use the logo.

“I get calls from students and staff asking where the university got the money to buy the buses,” Finucane said.

Finucane said he had to explain that the buses are not university owned and were not purchased by the university.

Finucane said he did not think it would cost anything to remove the Huskie logo from the buses because he thinks they are just decals.

“I was not aware (that the buses had the logo) until I saw the buses on the street the first day,” Finucane said.

Finucane said he is worried that the Huskie buses are exposing the university to “assumed liability” because the new Huskie buses have the logo that some other NIU vehicles have on them.

Finucane said he was not surprised by SAMTB’s resolution. “It was something done internally,” he said.

NIU Legal Counsel George Shur was attending a convention and said he will wait until returning to DeKalb before commenting. “It’s certainly something I’ll look into,” he said.