Lifestyle’s weekly Spotify playlist #49

By Northern Star Staff

Weekly Spotify: 

Madelaine’s picks (Lifestyle Editor)

  1. Wallows – “Treacherous Doctor”
  2. The Circulars – “You Will Leave Now”
  3. Yellow Days – “A Little While”

Alternative-rock band Wallows tackles the feeling and consequences of overthinking on their song “Treacherous Doctor.” The lyrics are relatable, discussing different times when the vocalist is questioning certain things until he is spiraling and overthinking. While the lyrics aren’t too positive or happy, the song’s overall sound is pretty upbeat. The song comes from the band’s 2019 album “Nothing Happens.”

The Circulars is an indie-rock band from Salt Lake City, Utah, that deserves more attention. On Spotify, the band has less than 300 monthly listeners and their most-popular song “You Will Leave Now” has less than 20,000 plays. The song comes off of the band’s 2016 album “Are You Waiting for the Setting Sun” and is slow, smooth and sounds bittersweet. If you’re a fan of alternative, indie, rock and dream pop genres, this song and band is worth checking out and giving a try.

“A Little While” is the most popular song from indie-pop artist Yellow Days, real name George van den Broek. The song is from the artist’s 2016 album “Harmless Melodies.” Broek’s voice is powerful, raspy and full of soul and this song showcases his talent. “A Little While” features elements of indie pop, soul and R&B, creating a perfect blend that is perfect to add to that study playlist for finals.

Angelina’s picks (Columnist)

  1. Noah Kahan – “Young Blood”  
  2. The Lumineers – “Flowers in Your Hair” 
  3. Within Temptation – “All I Need” 

American singer-songwriter Noah Kahan always believed that he grew up too soon which is reflected in his single “Young Blood.” After high school, the artist felt lonely as all his friends went different ways and he lost the comfort that social life brings. The chorus is sort of a mantra to live by, “Keep your time, keep your mind, keep humble. Start your life in the middle of the jungle… rub your eyes, be surprised, keep hungry, stay alive, try to lose all of your money. You young, young blood.” The bridge of the song illustrates that it is OK to experience those downtimes, but eventually you need to pick yourself back up, “I spend nights stitching up those loose threads in my soul. In the morning, I am bulletproof.” 

“Flowers in Your Hair” is a song addressing the nostalgia you feel as you grow up. As children we are naive, but the longer you live the more life ruins that innocence, and everything looks better in hindsight. One of the more powerful lines from the song is, “It takes a man to live, and a man to pretend he was there,” meaning adolescents tend to live life free and in the moment, but a grown man remembers his younger years as moments of the past and simply has to pretend he was there. 

“All I Need” by a dutch symphonic metal band, Within Temptation, expresses a lot of pain. The lyrics depict loss, agony, and hurt like this person has been hurt over and over again. They want to love again, but they are afraid to let themselves be vulnerable again because of past hurt, yet when they are around this individual it’s as if all their pain and worries melt away. 

Abby’s picks (Copy Editor)

  1. Go! Child – “Deadlock”
  2. Will Wood – “Love, Me Normally”
  3. Queen – “Don’t Stop Me Now – Remastered 2011”

What starts as a simple moment of forgetting a password becomes a philosophical conversation on perseverance for lead singer of Go! Child Penny Parker. This track — originally released as a single in 2017 — is melodically not complex, instead letting the lyrics have the driver’s seat. Parker sings, “Even though I can’t push past this mental trap no matter what I try, / A voice inside me beckons me to try again.”

Off his 2020 album “The Normal Album,” this track details Will Wood’s contemplations about conformity through slow jazz and a compelling spoken word section (which could be called the song’s bridge). The instrumental composition itself is tamer than most of Wood’s music, reflecting his struggle in choosing either authenticity or fitting in.

Everybody knows Queen. Everybody loves Queen (or at least, they should). This eternally optimistic track never fails to pump me up, earning it a spot on my list. It provides the perfect energy before an audition, exam or job interview. If all else fails to cheer you up, Freddie Mercury’s vocal and lyrical power will be there for you.

Daija’s picks (Lifestyle Reporter)

  1. Christian Leave – “Maybe”
  2. Julia Jacklin – “baby jesus is nobody’s baby now”
  3. George Ezra – “Barcelona”

Born Christian Akridge, he got the idea to change his last name to “Leave” as his username when he started posting on Vine, which is where I remember him from. “Maybe” is a fairly repetitive song, but that doesn’t take away from its meaning and how when things get hard in a relationship you start to question things which can lead to overthinking. The polarizing guitar instrumental is unique and gives the song an angsty feel, which connects well with what Leave is trying to say.

“baby jesus is nobody’s baby now” was released by Jacklin as a Christmas song, but I think it fits for any time of the year as it doesn’t have the usual Christmas sound. Jacklin is reflecting on the rough year her family had in terms of grief and she feels guilty for not being around all the time. She also sings about being hopeful for the new year and seeing it as a reset. 

You may know George Ezra from his 2014 hit single “Budapest” as it dominated the radio that year. Now with another song about a city, Ezra talks about his experience in Barcelona and how he found love after disappearing from the public eye for a while.