Additional air rifle shooting reported

By Stewart Warren

An air rifle-armed sniper shot BBs at a fourth pizza delivery person as the woman delivered food to an NIU residence hall Thursday, University Police said.

This was the latest in the string of incidents involving someone aiming an air rifle at people near the NIU residence halls. The sniper blasted BBs at three pizza delivery people early Monday morning and at a woman around 4 p.m. Monday afternoon, police said.

During the most recent incident, a woman was delivering food from Domino’s Pizza, 516 Lincoln Hwy., to Stevenson Towers North, UP Sgt. Richard Sheridan said. As she walked toward the building, she said she heard the sharp popping sound an air rifle makes. She said she hid because she thought the shots were aimed at her, Sheridan said.

The shots missed the woman, but BBs shattered the right rear window of her car. The damage totaled $100.

During the last incident, a woman was hit in the neck by a BB Monday afternoon as she walked into the side wing door of Lincoln Hall, UP Sgt. Ralph Taylor said. The woman said she felt a sharp pain in the lower right side of her neck, but she did not seek medical treatment, he said.

Taylor said the UPs are no closer to making an arrest. “We’ve got some leads, but nothing has worked out at this point,” Taylor said.

NIU Judicial Office Director Larry Bolles said he plans to expel anyone the UPs charge in connection with the incidents. “You’re talking about people indiscriminately shooting at people. These guns are powerful,” he said.

Anyone with information on the incidents should call the UPs at 753-1212.