Inaccurate data

I have two comments on the article “Freshmen respond to survey” appearing in The Northern Star on Jan. 30, 1992. First, I was misquoted as saying that “many students choose engineering because they believe they will make a lot (of) money.” What I had told Jami Peterson during the phone interview was that a small number of students initially choose engineering for that reason and are unaware of the amount of studying required. Second, I was surprised to see the article present tabular data on chemical and civil engineering and then discuss it in the article when a quick scan through the Undergraduate Catalog would have shown that NIU does not offer chemical or civil engineering. This article would have been of more interest to the NIU community if the article had presented data on electrical engineering, industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, or technology, all of which the College of Engineering and Engineering Technology at NIU does have.

Joy Pauschke, Ph.D., P.E.

Associate Dean

College of Engineering and Engineering Technology