Fourplay‘ designed to inform, entertain

By Sheryl Cajka

Answer: a fun and educational game one plays to learn more about health-related issues.

Question: What is “Fourplay”?

As a double entendre for foreplay, “Fourplay” is a game designed to bring health information as well as entertainment to students, said Amy Havasi, a Health Enhancement Services educator.

The game consists of two teams of four people who choose a question on the board.

Modeled after popular board games such as Pictionary, Jeopardy, Scruples and Family Feud, the health-related questions deal with pregnancy, alcohol, sex and diseases, Havasi said. Other questions include entertainment trivia and singing song titles, and the final round is played like Concentration.

Health Enhancement Services Health Educator Joanna Deuth created the prototype of the game and developed it last summer with the help of student workers, Havasi said.

Last semester, the residence halls experimented with the game and students were asked what they liked about it.

Havasi said the game has proven to be popular ever since.

Health Enhancement Services Coordinator Michael Haines said the game has been selected to be played at the National Meeting of American College Health Associations in San Francisco in May.

“It’s fun competition, and it’s better than just speeches,” Havasi said.

Anyone who wants to bring the game to their organization can call Health Enhancement Services for an appointment.