Cheating 101

Although I would much rather assert my energy to much better things such as studying; I feel taking a few minutes of my time to address the issue of academic integrity here at NIU is equally important. Attending NIU for almost a year now, I find the quantity of cheating that takes place in this institution deeply repulsive.

Furthermore, no particular department or class seems to be exempt from this issue. When the faculty and administration neglect their duty to enforce the proper disciplinary action regarding those who cheat, the hard-working students who are here to learn, obtain an honest education and “earn” their degrees are being cheated and discriminated against.

Those of you who are currently enrolled, or “think” you have successful completion of Cheating 101, answer the following questions. Please, when answering don’t ask assistance or copy from another. This is one test you will not be graded on, so I don’t think you’ll need to cheat.

1. Why are you enrolled in a curriculum of higher learning?

2. Are you expecting a degree to be given to you, or do you plan on purchasing it?

3. What do you feel you are going to gain from your dishonesty and deception?

4. Are you so dismayed because of your lack of knowledge and confidence you must cheat?

Purely to say, if students who continue to indulge in this practice, will they have some type of future within our society that will be gainful and meaningful? Perhaps they will, after all; they paid for an excellent education. Maybe we can rely on these students in the future in becoming members of a select few in the corporate world who will swindle and defraud their customers from receiving good quality merchandise. Or again, ones who will have a secret, underhanded plan, or plot to “cheat” the I.R.S. out of their taxes.

On the other hand, maybe one shouldn’t take this issue that seriously, for who knows, a student’s deceitfulness may come to cease after graduation; however, they will be lacking the knowledge to even realize if it did.

Theresa Recker


Elementary Education Major

Mathematics Minor