Good idea

In an age in which dating has been reduced to cheezy pickup lines, computer dating services and game shows, it was refreshing to see someone who put a whole new twist on the concept. Randy Smith found a new and original way to meet people. He placed an ad on the back of the Huskie Bus (#3_Greek Row), asking if someone would accompany him to his spring formal. I really have to give this guy a lot of credit, and personally I wish that I thought of it myself. Randy Smith, I hope it works out for you. You’ve got a lot of guts!!! It’s good to see that romance is not dead.

So if anyone is interested in a little adventure, why don’t you take a look at the back of the #3 bus and give Randy a call. Who knows? You may have a ball.

Vinny Ventrella

and the men of Phi Kappa Sigma