A fictional story or a mirror image?

A fable of apathy and deceit for NIU.

Warning: This material may not be suitable for younger administrators. Presidential guidance is extremely suggested. Reader discretion is advised.

Once upon a time, in a universe(ity) not unlike the one we exist in today, there lived a people in happy coalition with wildlife such as feathery ducks, plump furry muskrats and bunny rabbits with BIG, SHARP, GNASHING teeth.

The kingdom which was called Nimu Ium Uni was once a place where many different people lived in happy coexistence sharing and teaching their vast knowledge to the young of many lands. The Nimu were a peaceful lot who used their resources to increase their knowledge and wisdom exponentially.

However, things were not as happy or as fun-filled as they once were. Evil tyrants had slowly gained a strangle hold on the Nimu Ium kingdom, draining the resources and energy of the once wise and noble culture.

The tyrants were outsiders who conquered the Nimu through political subversion and economic suppression. The other kingdoms of the Uni world met similar fate as Nimu Ium. The tyrants placed the kingdoms under henchmen who reported regularly to the governing board of regal dictators.

The elders of Nimu Ium were forced to work in a productively accelerated fashion for menial wages while the tyrants, the henchman and his minions gorged themselves on the riches and accolades produced by the Nimu.

Under the authoritarian rule of the governing board, the Nimu’s traditions and culture were subverted by interlopers brought in by the henchman of Nimu Ium Uni who was placed in charge of the kingdom.

The kingdom was blanketed by the dark suppression of its tyrannical governors for many years. The Nimu culture deteriorated as the tyrants feasted on the riches of their plunder. As time went by, the Nimu forgot the proud tradition of their great achievements. They felt like the helpless rabbits and ducks the henchman’s underlings caught in snares for entertainment. It seemed there was no escape for the Nimu.

There were visions of escape from the governing titans’ grasp from time to time, but they were mostly fallacies devised by ambitious individuals looking to gain a piece of the stake. The Nimu people became skeptical of such ploys after existing in tyranny for so long.

The henchman soon gained ambition of his own. He filled the kingdom with his minions to watch the few who had not turned to the dark side of the bor. He filled his minions’ bellies well in return for their loyalty. Even members of the Nimu were slowly turned to the henchman’s will of whim.

The Nimu were helpless until one day the prophecy of the Nimu Ium culture’s salvation was realized.

The prophecy read: “From new blood will rise freedom from captivity.”

The Nimu realized that only their will was stronger than that of the tyrants—only they could control the fate of their future. They were the ones who could set things right again for Nimu Ium Uni. They took matters into their own hands and (you guessed it) they lived a happy existence.