Logic abolished

Illinois is in a severe financial crunch, having to cut expenditures in many areas, including our educational institutions. Employees at Northern Illinois University (NIU) and Illinois State University (ISU) have not received a pay increase in two years, and this year the chance for a noticeable raise if any is small.

With the state in such dire straits, one would think that this would apply for all faculty. However, it seems that the Capitalist American System has abolished all logic and practical reasoning for this to occur. You see, every five years the presidents of our universities, under jurisdiction of the Board of Regents, receive an evaluation dealing with the quality of their work.

The results of this evaluation, which is conducted by “an outside consultant,” is reported to the Board of Regents for review. The Board felt that our presidents were doing such a good job that they bought Mr. La Tourette one year in the retirement system (approximately $10,000). Mr. Wallace of ISU received the equivalent value as a “thank you” for his good job as well.

The remaining faculty received $150 lump sum, approximately 67 times less than what the presidents of the universities received. Funny, isn’t it, this is just what the Japanese are saying about wage differences in American society. Many people don’t like the Japanese because of what they say about America. The truth hurts!

I think that by reducing the gift $9,000 to a $1,000 gift would be more than satisfactory. According to a fee board member at Illinois State University, the extra $9,000 saved could have funded an additional 15 to 20 student programs or reduced the amount of student fees which are being increased again this year. I would rather have student programs funded, faculty get the raises which they more than deserve than one or two individuals benefiting from these monies.

I just hope that someday the citizens of the United States of America will shake the system up and remedy these injustices that are affecting every domain of business, education, industry and most of all, government.

on Glogovsky, Jr.

I.S.U. Alumnus