It’s no joke

There are so many people who take college as a joke or just not seriously enough. Some go to college to get away from their parents and the responsibility of being at home. Others go to college because they think that college is all about partying, well it’s not. Some of the young adults who have the privilege to be away at a college or university take advantage of the opportunity. They play around and party and before you know it, they’re gone.

Some feel that going to college after high school is a waste of time. They sometimes have low self-esteems about themselves or little or no self-assurance to want to succeed in the world of education. They may also feel that college is intimidating because there is so much academic competition among their peers.

To solve these dilemmas, students should set specific goals to follow, motivate themselves to want to do better and seek a counselor, if necessary. A parent’s support and motivation could help their child from their worries also.

Without a college degree, you may not qualify for the jobs that pay minimum wage. The majority of employers require high school diplomas being mandatory and a college degree helping to hold a stable job. Without a college education, there is no way of living or surviving in today’s society on minimum wage. It just isn’t enough. The jobs are getting scarce and there are people who actually think that college is not necessary.

A nice paying job with a high ranking position in an office are rewards of having a college education. A degree from a well accredited college or university could make you a very well rounded person. Take your education seriously and do what you are here to do because if you don’t, the next person will.

Andre’a Strange