Fraternities, sororities to show off physiques

By Dave Heaton

All the sit-ups will pay off for some NIU fraternity and sorority members tonight when Phi Kappa Sigma sponsors “Greek Physique.”

The body-building contest will take place tonight at 9 p.m. in the Duke Ellington Ballroom.

Interfraternity Council representative for Phi Kappa Sigma Sean Nabors said the contest will be judged on size, definition, symmetry, stage presence and creativity.

Nabors said there are 14 contestants in all and half are from sororities and half from fraternities. Each person has a chance of winning a trophy for first, second and third place.

Phi Kappa Sigma Philanthropy Chairman Andrew Vizgarda said he thinks the program is a good idea because it provides entertainment and helps people at the same time.

Nabors said he considers body-building an “art form” and he plans to go to the show to see how time in the gym pays off.

Nabors said the proceeds from Greek Physique will benefit the Special Physical Education Clinic and the Leukemia Society.

Three judges are from Power-Pro Gymnasium, 1011 W. Hillcrest Dr., and two are professional body builders.

Nabors said he started the event in 1989 with two other members of Phi Kappa Sigma, Kevin Taalman and Craig Bodner.