SA executive board election process underway

By Megan Knowles

Even though it’s still February, the election process for next year’s Student Association executive board is already underway.

“A candidate that is aspiring to be elected as an executive board member, either president, vice president or treasurer has to pick up a petition in the SA main office,” SA Vice President John Quilico said.

Lance Schart, SA elections commissioner, said the petitions are due February 25.

SA President Preston Came said the person must declare what position they are running for when they turn in their petition.

Came said nine petitions have been taken out so far.

Although Quilico would not release names, The Northern Star has learned the names of two early petitioners. Maurice Thomas, SA Student Committee on Financial Aid adviser, verified that he is running for office, but was unavailable for further comment. Gino Barrto, who has only been an SA senator for two weeks, is also running but attempts to reach him were unsuccessful.

“The elections process is a very complicated process indeed,” Quilico said. The requirement to be declared a candidate is 200 signatures, he added.

“Upon returning their petition, then they will attend a campaign rules meeting,” Quilico said.

Quilico said the purpose of the meeting is to inform candidates what the SA bylaws stipulate, election rules and how much they can spend during their campaign.

Came said a debate between the candidates is possible and will be decided at the meeting.

“After that, they will be able to begin campaigning sometime early in March. The elections will be March 24 and 25, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. at three different locations,” he said.

Quilico said Schart and his election committee are responsible for tabulating the votes, which is usually done in the presence of Don Henderson, director of Student Legal Assistance, to ensure that it is legal.