Theory disproved

Before Eric Krol rewards himself for his superior journalistic intellect in proving that NIU students are “incapable of arguing a point” and “resort to insults instead of reason,” may I remind him that he himself insulted many people in his article, “Animals really are not equal to Human Beings.”

He depicted animal rights activists as irrational fanatics who have no concern for human welfare. How did he expect those involved in animal rights to react?

Granted, some of the responses did contain some uncalled for insults, but mainly the responses were defending a much believed in cause.

Mr. Krol took a very controversial, significant issue and trivialized it by using it to bait the few compassionate, socially-conscious people on this campus.

Furthermore, the very point Mr. Krol was trying to make, that there is no individuality at NIU, was disproved.

It takes a true individualist to stand up for a cause, especially when in a hotbed of apathy such as ours.

Karen L. Clinton