Reelect Bush

For just a minute take a step back from the gloom and doom forecasted by the media and take a look back at the past three years. When you stop to think about it, we have through some of the most exciting and historical changes of the century. Leading through this confusing and constantly changing time has been a job that few leaders could dare dream of accomplishing. We were fortunate enough to elect a leader with the vision, the experience and the ability to guide us through this period.

Now after the longest peace time recovery in our history, we are in the latter stages of a recession that has hit home. However, now is not the time to bring in a new leader who will need on the job training! George Bush has fought many battles in the past for us and always led us to victory. Now he is determined to take on the recession which according to many economists should end by summer. I say that we should let him fight that battle for us. However, he needs cooperation in order to do the job and do it right. He has offered a plan to the Congress (the opposite of progress) where some leaders would rather do what is good for them instead of what will benefit the entire country. I implore Congress to stop playing games and bouncing checks and to get the job done.

Mr. Bush has led us and done the job well. Do not let the media overkill get you down. In your heart and mind you know who can get the job done and lead us through the next four years. I hope that all of you and the members of Congress will stand behind him and let him finish the job. Even if you do not; don’t be surprised when he does the job with or without Congress.

Norma B. Caras

College Republicans